DIY Candle-stand Decor with Newspaper Flowers

I found this ‘headless stick with a stand’ at home and wanted to redo it. Out of the many things newspaper upcycling can do, it most certainly can prettify this broken piece. Here is a quick video capturing how this bland stick was turned into a beautiful candle-stand.

The Dancing Shadows: From Empty Jam Jar to Candleholder

Those of us who love jams, definitely have these empty glass jars at home. We hardly dispose them off and often make them a part of our kitchen storage space. Well, here is a common, yet interesting way of reusing them – as Candle-holders. We all love these little “red flowers” that brighten our houses,…

Decoupage: From Boring Tin to Vintage Box

Gone are the days when I was gifted new things. These days I am more happy receiving waste material. This empty tin box was my share of the last shopping we did. While experimenting, I failed to paint the box without spoiling it one way or the other. Lack of perfection gave me the idea of creating…

Absolut Bright

If you have beautiful empty glass bottles at home and think about converting them into lampshades, then we think alike. But the tricky part for me was, if I do not wish to buy ready-made shades, how do I make them? Finally, seem to have found a simple, pretty solution. I take pride in introducing the…

The Floating Bloom: Origami Flower Ball from Waste Paper

So here I am, upcycling waste magazines to create these beautiful origami flower balls. Kid you not, this looks simple, but needs a lot of time and effort. However, the end result is so beautiful and satisfying, that you will never regret the hardwork 😀