The Deceptively Simple Hand-Building Techniques of Pottery

When one talks about hand-building techniques of pottery — pinching, coiling and slab work immediately come to mind. These look and sound simple, but when it comes to execution, it tests your understanding of clay and its various stages. In my opinion, one person who makes hand-building look deceptively simple is Richard Peeler. Look at…

Pottery in the Arid Nochchiyagama (2/2)

Finally, the second part of the article. Sorry for not being able to write this sooner. I was traveling extensively and simultaneously completing a major section of my M.Phil thesis. This is going to be a slightly long article. So gear up. How is pottery practiced in Nochchiyagama? To answer the question, I will divide…

Pottery in the Arid Nochchiyagama (1/2)

In all urban pottery hobby centers, (potential) students are told about the therapeutic qualities of clay and wheel pottery. Pottery in the cities is relatively easy (and therapeutic) as raw materials to prepare clay bodies are easily available, modern machinery and casting methods reduce the amount of physical labor required, and hand-made products are a…


Originally posted on Amrita Puniani:
Bowl set; Wheel work 2017 Stoneware 5.5 x 2.5 inches

Urn: Lessons for Glazing

A simple urn with a band of line carving both on the main body and its lid. Actually I should not have fired this piece in the first instance because its body weight is more than ideal. But I liked its shape and overall look so much that I decided to fire it to eternity….

Line Pattern Stoneware Vases (1/2)

Earlier this year, I created a series of 5 vases with simple line patters. 3 of those have now been fired. This is how they look: Untitled (2017) Stoneware 43cm x 15cm x 15 cm   Untitled (2016) Stoneware 39.5cm x 14.5cm x 14.5cm   Untitled (2017) Stoneware 39.5cm x 16cm x 13 cm

22. Demon Horns

I made a simple pot. Started trimming it when it was leather hard, or so I thought. While trimming I found that the base was too soft to be worked upon, and I was not so good at it. Result – Uneven base. I decided to discard the pot. Now that it was no good,…

Gond Art Sgraffito Coasters

Ahaa! Here I am writing a blog after months now. Ceramics is keeping me fairly busy, so no regrets. First of all, the good news. I got an approval for pursuing M.Phil in Pottery. Hurraaayyyy!! This, plus I am practicing pottery full time now. Pottery, fulltime, why? Many people ask me this question. I practice…