Pottery in the Arid Nochchiyagama (2/2)

Finally, the second part of the article. Sorry for not being able to write this sooner. I was traveling extensively and simultaneously completing a major section of my M.Phil thesis. This is going to be a slightly long article. So gear up. How is pottery practiced in Nochchiyagama? To answer the question, I will divide…

Pottery in the Arid Nochchiyagama (1/2)

In all urban pottery hobby centers, (potential) students are told about the therapeutic qualities of clay and wheel pottery. Pottery in the cities is relatively easy (and therapeutic) as raw materials to prepare clay bodies are easily available, modern machinery and casting methods reduce the amount of physical labor required, and hand-made products are a…


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Bowl set; Wheel work 2017 Stoneware 5.5 x 2.5 inches