Pottery in the Arid Nochchiyagama (1/2)

In all urban pottery hobby centers, (potential) students are told about the therapeutic qualities of clay and wheel pottery. Pottery in the cities is relatively easy (and therapeutic) as raw materials to prepare clay bodies are easily available, modern machinery and casting methods reduce the amount of physical labor required, and hand-made products are a…

My first two sculptures.

Just when I was immersed in my current dosage of clay in ceramics, I was introduced to sculpture through a common friend/teacher. I saw the process of making a clay portrait and instantly wanted to try it. I knew it was the next natural extension of my involvement in the medium. I started traveling very…

Urn: Lessons for Glazing

A simple urn with a band of line carving both on the main body and its lid. Actually I should not have fired this piece in the first instance because its body weight is more than ideal. But I liked its shape and overall look so much that I decided to fire it to eternity….

Exploring Sculpture (thanks to dengue)

In the month of July, Sri Lanka is known to have dengue break outs. The factory where I practice ceramics, was no different. 3 people working there had to be hospitalized. When in factory, I used to cover myself in Odomos as much as possible and top up this mosquito repellent cream every 2 hours….